Innovation Makes New Hospital Bed Mover The Easiest To Use On The Market

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MasterMover®, provider of worldwide electric tug solutions, has developed a revolutionary new Bed Mover for hospitals. With a Universal Connector, the company can now offer greater simplicity of use for porters involved in the moving of patients within healthcare environments.

The new launch is the result of extensive consultation with porters, buyers and managers, which revealed that flexibility and ease of use are the biggest drivers for portering operations.

“MasterMover® is already renowned for providing the most effective means of manoeuvring roll cages, gas bottles, food trolleys and patient beds within the healthcare sector. We wanted to combine the feedback we receive from our customers with our design engineering expertise in order to innovate a new, easier to use and more cost effective Bed Mover that will replace our current product. The result is a much improved experience for operators,” explains Andy Owen, Managing Director of MasterMover®.

Previously, the Bed Mover connected under the wheels, whereas the innovative new Universal Connector – which is compatible with nearly every bed type – attaches instead to the side of the bed, for a faster, safer and fundamentally flexible operation.

The benefits are very real. For operators, there is no need to lift the bed onto the Mover, saving time and resource. For hospital buyers, the flexible modular attachment is future-proofed against varying hospital bed types and the easy to use features mean a greater number of users creating more efficiency.

At the same time, MasterMover® has taken the opportunity to revolutionise other elements of Bed Mover design. The introduction of a modular chassis means that the Bed Mover is now easier to maintain. The already compact size of the Bed Mover has been reduced further, enabling porters to use it comfortably within any type of hospital lift or other tight spaces.

These new features complement the existing benefits of the Bed Mover.
Pedestrian operated and powered electrically, the Bed Mover can be used by a single operator with little effort required on any surface, including slopes or carpets. A choice of joystick controls permits the porter to control the Bed Mover at either end of the bed, with power steering, variable speed control, auto braking and emergency stop functions as standard.

The AC motor ensures quiet operation and smooth movement for patient comfort, and the Bed Mover can be charged at any mains socket for porter convenience. It is finished in a white, anti-microbial paint and is easy to clean or wipe down, supporting infection control.

The Bed Mover is completely British designed and manufactured, and is backed by MasterMover® servicing and training to enable operators to get the best out of the equipment. It is also CE marked, reinforcing the reliability of its performance.

“We are proud of our long association with the NHS and other UK healthcare providers, and we are proud to assist operational efficiency and simplicity further with the launch of the new Bed Mover,” concludes Andy Owen.

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Hospital Bed Mover - MasterMover
Published : 20/03/2013

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